Our Females

Layla 2012

Layla is an incredible bitch, the first of our line of all White shepherds. We got her as a puppy. Because of the fact, that we knew there would be children running around one day, we decided that the breed of White Swiss Shepherds (at that time still known as the American-Canadian White Shepherds) is the breed for our future life.

It was a pleasure to take part in training with her. As an adult, she became a brood bitch and we mated her with a male Butch. From this couple, we had 3 male puppies and 2 female. Layla turned out to be a very good mother, she looked after all her puppies with utmost love and care. 

At home, Layla knows how to annoy us too. Together with the pack, they love gardening. During one weekend they were able to raid the new rose bed and they put all the roses in front of our door to show us that they do not want anything like this on THEIR garden. Even though they could be this naughty, they were still our darlings and we always forgave them everything very soon. 

Mishke 2015

Mishke is a long coated female, who enlarged our family in November 2015. She has excellent pigmentation, extremely dark eyes, solid bones and excellent build. She is perfectly socialized, from birth she lived in a family with children and other adult white shepherds, so she knows the rules of the pack as well as all common sounds of a household. She is self-confident, not fearful or timid. She does not fear anything people, cars, other dogs, nor anything else. She is very calm and easy-going. She loves company and is grateful for any expression of favour.

She is also very playful and temperament. She loves running and is a great “fetcher”, so she extremely loves playing ball. She is a great member of the pack and is a darling for us and our three children. They play together and are not bored at all.

Freya 2018

Our newest member is a young diminutive female, born in January 2018. She is calm, not afraid of anything and very easy-going. Apart from that, she has also a very nice build, which altogether predetermines her future training career. She still needs a lot of practice and gaining experience of course.

Her pedigree includes ancestors, who were very show or work successful. We hope, that this female will enrich the Czech breed with her lines and will bring fresh high-quality blood to the breed in the future.